Monday, January 12, 2009

My mother Linda Hopper with my father Rick Hopper!

My father as a boy (left) with his sister Cindy, mother, and brother Mike

My father as a boy - first photo is with his grandpa Lloyd at Christmas time

My father - Rick Hopper!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My grandparents Martha Hopper and Louis Hopper when they visited my father when he lived in Hawaii

My father Rick Hopper when he was living in Hawaii

My father Rick Hopper with his first wife Diane Puanani Chang Hopper

My grandmother Martha Hopper visiting her son Rick (my father) when he was living in Hawaii

My grandfather Louis James Hopper visiting his son Rick (my father) when he was living in Hawaii
From right to left - my father's mother Martha Hopper, her brother (my father's Uncle Ernest Van Lloyd), and my father's Uncle Maurice Perkins

My Grandmother Martha Hopper with Lucy (family dog)

My Grandpa Louis James Hopper
From left to right back row- my father Rick Hopper when he worked for the U.S. EPA in Wash, DC, his father Louis Hopper, Uncle Maurice, cousin Phil, and Cousin Paul. From left to right middle row - Rick's mother Martha Hopper, Rick's first wife Diane, Phil's wife Sue, cousin Alison and brother Mike. Front row left to right - Rick's Grandma Hopper, Phils daughter Holly, Mike's wife Pat, Rick's sister Cindy, dog, and Cindy's husband Bill Kusel

Reception for my father Rick Hopper when he lived in Hawaii and was visiting family in Cincinnati - from left to right Rick's Uncle Ernest Van Lloyd, Rick's cousin Paul Perkins, Rick's Uncle Maurice Perkins, Rick and Rick's first wife Diane Chang

My father in center with his cousins Phil and Paul (squeezed in) on his left and his Grandma Lloyd on right - with cousin Alison (small) and sister Cindy in front row - with his Aun Martha to his left behind him and his Grandma and Grandpa Hopper behind him to his right - with his father Louis Hopper in center in back row - with his mother Martha Hopper to the right of his father Louis Hopper and his brother Michael Hopper to the left in rear

Myself when young with my Dad

Myself as a baby