Friday, November 28, 2008

DESCENT FROM JOHN DEMING AND TREAT ANCESTORS - The mother of great-great-great grandmother, Mary Anne Curtis/Deming, wife of Abraham Smith, was Mary Ann Curtis. Her parents were Joseph Curtis and Dorothy Edwards of Wethersfield, Connecticut (above is a photograph of the Old Burying Ground at Wethersfield). Joseph's father was also named Joseph. He was married to Mercy Deming, daughter of John Deming and Honor Treat. John Deming was born in Shalford, England in 1615 and, after coming to Plimouth Plantation in America, he led the first group of settlers to form a permanent settlement in what became Connecticut (i.e. at Wethersfield, Connecticut). His wife was Honor Treat, whose brother was to become Governor of Connecticut. She was the daughter of Richard Treat and Alice Gaylord, who were from Pitsminster near Taunton, Somerset, England (i.e. near Stonehenge). From the local church records which still exist, Honor Treat's ancestry can be traced back to John Trott (original spelling of Treat family name) who was born in Pitsminster in 1458.