Sunday, November 30, 2008

THOMAS HUNSICKER - Our first Hunsicker ancestor to migrate to America was Thomas Hunsicker who arrived in Philadelphia on October 1, 1754 on the ship Phoenix. The second to the last signature on the passenger's list shown above is his signature - followed by the signature of his oldest son, Daniel Hunsicker. He was from Wolfersheim, Germany and settled initially with his family in LeHigh, Pennsylvania. They then moved, however, to Winchester, Virginia where the elder Thomas Hunsicker was one of four people who founded Stine's Church near Summit's Point just outside of Berryville, which was the first German church founded in Virginia. Linda, Kristin and myself were able to meet a Mrs. Cunningham in Winchester, Virginia who owns a chest brought over by our Thomas Hunsicker and his church certificates that he had to send over to Germany for in prove his church membership and thus found Stine's church. Since she is not a Hunsicker descendant, maybe someday our family can acquire these family heirlooms from her. We are descended from another son of Thomas Hunsicker - i.e. Thomas Hunsicker, Jr. He became a master tailor (as was his father) and owned a home in downtown Winchester near Fort Loudoun and George Washington's office during the French and Indian War. I don't know where he is buried, but his wife (also our ancestor) and all of their children except for Jonathan Hunsicker, our great-great grandfather, are all buried together in Mount Hebron cemetery in Winchester, Virginia (near the graves of Revolutionary War general Daniel Morgan and Christian Streit, the first German minister of the area - who married all of our relatives).